Open Source Volunteering
If doing good doth bring you cheer don't Google "Volunteer"
You'll get an agent full of fibs.
Rather Google: "Educate Abandoned Kids"

Ever feel like giving an Oxymoron a good punch on the nose? Here's one: "Pay To Volunteer". No need
to make a fist just yet, we have already taken care of it. In several places here we list free volunteering

No:1- Send in your Volunteer Preferences: you will be put in touch with tried and true appropriate destinations.
Or: 2 - Leave it to a charity whose mission is "You, the Volunteer" and they will land you a dream posting.
Or: 3 - Do your own mining in the extensive volunteer directory below
- (Some we know some not: you´re on your own)
  • Ajed - gives young people opportunities to experience life in Senegal while participating in volunteer projects and staying with guest families.
  • Amigos de las Americas - community service and recreation which provide volunteers the unique opportunity to participate first hand in the culture of the region they are traveling.
  • Association for Support of Individual Charity (ASIC) - provides services to individuals who are engaged in charity at a personal level, particularly in Guatemala.
  • Volunteer Force - volunteers helping street children and abandoned mothers in Latin America, with lots of creative projects.
  • Cross-Cultural Solutions - volunteer abroad in India, Africa, Latin America. Work overseas in international humanitarian service programs.
  • e-Volunteerism - web-based international journal focusing on volunteer management concerns includes feature articles, roundtables, and training designs.
  • Friends of Lesotho - providing development grants, project assistance, student scholarships, and more.
  • Geekcorps - matches volunteers from the high-tech world to companies in the developing world for short overseas interships.
  • Global Citizens Network - sends small teams of volunteers to rural communities worldwide to work on projects and immerse themselves in local culture.
  • Global Health Corps - training university students in conducting culturally appropriate public health programs.
  • Global Service Corps - nonprofit organization sending out volunteers to Thailand and Tanzania for health and education projects.
  • Global Volunteer Network - directory of international volunteer programs and opportunities.
  • Global Volunteers - private nonprofit, nonsectarian organization sends volunteers to work on human and economic development projects.
  • - non-sectarian, nonprofit organization aiding communities in developing countries.
  • Healing Arts Missions - volunteer efforts supporting a school and medical center in Dumay, Haiti.
  • Institute for International Cooperation & Development (IICD) - trains and sends voluteers to work in community development projects in Africa and Latin America.
  • International Christian Youth Exchange (ICYE) - nonprofit youth exchange organization promoting youth mobility, intercultural learning, and international voluntary service.
  • International Conference Volunteers - assists organizers of nonprofit conferences in Geneva; solicits, trains and coordinates volunteers for international conferences, and advises conference organizers.
  • International Site for Voluntary Work - aggregates volunteer organizations. Includes message board for volunteer feedback.
  • Jesuit Volunteers Philippines
  • Lindesrvold - training school for international volunteers, also known as the Travelling Folk High School.
  • Loving Hand for Disabled and Aged Persons (LOHADA) - non-religious, non-political, and non-governmental organization aiding the disabled , their children, and elderly persons in Arusha, Tanzania.
  • Makindu Children's Center - offering volunteer opportunities in developing self-sustaining program in this Kenyan village that will provide basic needs, education. and training for the children there.
  • Maranatha Volunteers International - constructs churches, schools, orphanages, clinics, housing and other structures in areas of great need around the world.
  • Mondo Challenge - sends volunteers to help with development programmes in many countries.
  • Outreach International UK - offers gap year volunteer projects in Mexico to young adults.
  • Peace and Hope Trust, Inc. - committed to promoting education and values in the third world, especially Nicaragua and Ukraine, through the relief of poverty, sickness, and starvation.
  • Otra Cosa - And now for something completely different.
  • Project Open Hearts - works with foreign medical staff to provide surgical training, assistance with diagnostic procedures, and support for orphaned children and needy families.
  • Quota International
  • Room To Read - builds schools and libraries and provides scholarships to underprivileged children in Nepal and Vietnam.
  • Schools for Chiapas - sponsoring trips and solicting funds to build schools for the Maya peoples of Chiapas.
  • Take to the Hills - delivers clothing and medical supplies to rural areas, concentrating on villages in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Northwest Mexico.
  • United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS/Habitat
  • United Nations Information Technology Service (UNITeS) - aims at creating a worldwide programme for information technology volunteers.
  • Visions In Action - international nonprofit organization offering 6 and 12 month volunteer positions in five African countries and Mexico.
  • Visions Service Adventures - co-educational, experiential learning summer program for teenagers performing community service in North America, South America, and the Caribbean.
  • Volunteers in Asia - provides volunteer and service-learning opportunities in Asia, and leads study-tours in the U.S. and Asia.
  • Volunteer uds Life - Account of life as a volunteer in Latin America, plus several volunteering opportuities.
  • Volunteer Cajamarca - Opportunities to help poor children and mothers in the Andees of Peru (in the city where Pizaro conquered the Incas and took their treasures)- Cajamarca is the fourth tourits destination of Peru..
  • We Share Foundation - raising funds and making grants to support humanitarian, educational, and research causes worldwide.
  • WorldTeach - international social service program which places volunteers as teachers in developing countries that request educational assistance.
  • Worldwide Volunteering - database of global volunteering opportunities and organizations.
  • Y.M.E. Foundation, The - a nonprofit, humanitarian organization with projects in developing countries.
  • Free to participate Volunteer Programs (try them at your own risk - no recommendations) 
    Note: Insist on proof that they are a Registered Charity in the Listed Country
    -( if not don´t go)         (Guatemal        (Bolivia)    (Braz
    il)       (Peru)        (Peru)        (Bolivia)           (Ecuador)       (Bolivia)          (Argentina)        (Argentina)                (Brazil)                (Brazil)        (Nicaragua and Guatemala)               (Ecuador)           (Peru)       ..                                             (Brazil)           (Brazil)       (Ecuador)                  (Ecuador)  (Throughout Latin America)        (Chile) (Ecuador)           (Guatemala)      (Guatemala)            (Guatemala)              (Guatemala)          (Guatemala)           (Peru)    (Honduras)      (Panama)           (Galapagos)            (Peru)   (Chile)  also known as:
      (Peru)     (Nicaragua)        (Brazil)      (Peru)  (Nicaragua)         (Honduras)            (Honduras)                (Chile)
    Utila_Community_Clinic         (Honduras)               (Chile)               (Nicaragua)  (Peru)            (Guatemala) (Peru)      (Colombia)          (Costa Rica)              (Peru)

    Low Cost :- you live-in and pay for accom
    Note: Insist on proof that they are a Registered Charity in the Listed Country
    - ( if not don´t go) io          (Bolivia)         (Mexico)                (Uruguay)    .          (Brazil, Peru+)    (Bolivia)  .              (Throughout Latin Americar)
                           (Costa Rica)
    http://volunteerecuador.nett        (Ecuador)             (Ecuador)              (Ecuador)            (Honduras)             (Ecuador)                (Brazil)           (Ecuador)               (Ecuador)       (Argentina)                  (Peru)               (Peru)       (Ecuador)                 (Ecuador)     (Argentina)              (Argentina)     (Argentina/Chile)             (Guatemala)         (Guatemala)                  (Ecuador)        (Colombia)         (Costa Rica)            (Ecuador)             (Ecuador)         (Costa Rica)        (Mexico)          (Caribbean)                 (Costa Rica) (Ecuador)             (Peru)              (Argentina)       (Throughout Latin America)               (Brazil)             (Peru)     (Ecuador)       (Galapagos)             (Peru)               (Brazil)    also known as: (Ecuador)  

    Miscellaneous:- Other Programs/Developing Projects/In Spanish (El Salvador)         (Peru+)               (Colombia)           (Argentina)             (Ecuador)  (Chile)

    Voluntary work resources/agencies/links - international & worldwide         (WorldWide)   (WorldWide
    ttp://       (South America)         (Bolivia)     (WorldWide)        (Ecuador & General)          (WorldWide)        (Ecuador)            (South and Central America)     (Argentina)              (WorldWide)            (Guatemala)              (Guatemala)                   (WorldWide)         (WorldWide)            (Belize)              (Worldwide)      (WorldWide)        (WorldWide)  (WorldWide)
    Latin_American_ESL_Job_Links   (South & Central America)           (WorldWide)          (WorldWide)                  (WorldWide)               (WorldWide)

    Gratitude to you who have not refused to support Open Source Volunteering







    Campaign to get GOVERNMENTS to adopt Bruce method of getting strreet kids educated
    Working poor women - doing very well thank youMothers Corps - Community Leaders in Poor Communities.FREE Legal Aid for the Poor, International

    Hachamama = Bruce Peru Sponsored Mothers Clubs
    ..Orphanage at Bruce Peru, Trujillo...Ballet Academy born at Bruce Peru
    .Bruce Peru & AloeVera Peru
    Bruce Peru and its Economist founder tackling the local economy.
    Social Issues Radio in Northern Peru - Started by Bruce Peru
    Free Lunch - for Street Kids
    Bruce Peru & AloeVera Peru
    Bruce Peru teaching trades to poor women and their children
    Trying to reprioritise the global  agenda.
    Micro Enterpriz
    Fish Farm
    Bruce Peru Fish Farm Micro Enterprise.
    Bruce Peru Volunteers sometimes serve the poorest children of Cajamarca, especially in education.
    Bruce Peru educating street kids throughout Chiclayo.
    Bruce Peru sponsors the "Travelers Help Centre" in Trujillo
    Bus Peru, a project of Bruce Peru
    Bruce Peru educates streeet kids in Chimbote & cooperatres with universities.
    Orphanage BELEN has received medical , dental and volunteer attention from Bruce Peru
    Bruce Peru in one of the most active street kids educational charities in Lima
    Bruce Peru is helping the poorest children in Cusco to get educated, fed and clotrhed
    Bruce Panama teaching indigenous children while protecting their cultural identity
    Bruce Ecuador is educating the poorest children ion Quito
    Bruce_Peru is funded in part by Artists Outler (Bruce´s Paintings) while also promoting Peruvian Artists
    Not to be cought fiddling while Rome burns, we recognise that the people we help will not survive to reap`the rewards of education if we ignore ecology.
    Street Kids Page
    Beloved Children Orphanages